Well’mama’ Week: A week of Mama-To-Be classes

June 29th – July 3rd

An offering every evening from a range of professional to help support and prepare mama’s to be on their pregnancy and motherhood journey.

  • Monday 29th June – Yoga with Sunnah Rose
  • Tuesday 30th June – Top 3 Tips for Birthing in your Power with Hypnobirthing Extraodinaire Hayley Begner of Gigi + Pickle Hypnobirthing
  • Friday 3rd July– Pregnancy Yoga Nidra, deep deep relaxation with Sunnah Rose

All workshops are from 7:30pm – 8:30pm and will be via zoom.

Cost: £15 before 25th June, £20 after this date (Price is for all workshops)

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All About the birth professionals and what they will be offering:

Sunnah RoseHas been teaching pregnancy yoga and childbirth education classes since 2006. In this session she will be guiding you through a pregnancy specific yoga class which will include postures and breathwork both to support you on your pregnancy journey as well as prepare you for labour whatever that may look like. There is a big emphasis on tuning inwards and starting to connect to our own innate intuition.

Hayley BegnerHow do you want the transformation of birth to look for you?It can EITHER feel…empowering, incredible, euphoric. Or, sadly, it can be disempowering, traumatic and damaging.The main differences in these outcomes can be determined by several factors…

1- How much you educated yourself around the physiology of birth and coping tools

2- How your environment was

3- How respected you felt and how much choice you felt you had, ultimately, how you were treated (your team)

These 3 things make unbelievably huge differences in how you will experience and remember and therefore feel about your birth.Come and join me to find out about my Top 3 tips for birthing in your power where I will delve into these topics more deeply and discuss how and where Hypnobirthing also comes into play.  You’ll come away with a much clearer idea for what you want your transformation to look and feel like.

Thalia Pellegriniwill share her top tips for all things pregnancy nutrition. She will cover: how to manage common pregnancy symptoms naturally; eating for better energy; foods to embrace and foods to avoid PLUS nutrition to prepare you for labour.

Thalia is a mum of 2 and a BANT-registered nutritional therapist with a special interest in maternal health,  from pre-conception onwards! She graduated from the Institute of Nutrition in 2009. She helps support women to makesustainable, achievable changes to their diet and lifestyle so that they can feel their very best.

Victoria RoseThe founder of Allaboutbabies and the co-founded All About Antenatal. She is a highly qualified and experienced post-natal practitioner specialising in baby-care, sleep & weaning. She is a registered Baby Rocks Mentor, accredited Sleep Consultant and Level 3 trained Maternity Nurse. Victoria will be sharing all her top tips for “What to expect in the first few months” This will include the very early days, signs everything is going well, normal new-born sleep, techniques to help sooth and settle your baby as well as ensuring ample time to answer all of your questions.