Kids Yoga in Barnet

Mondays 10:30am

July 10th – August 21st

Age: 3 – 7 year olds (Parents welcome to join in or go get a cup of tea)

Yoga has so many benefits that can be incorporated into a child’s development by giving them tools that will help them understand the elusive workings of their body and mind, through Asana’s (postures), breathing, voice work and relaxation helping them to become more confident and focused. Using yoga in a child’s life will help them to concentrate longer and discipline their minds to conquering overexcitement and hyperactivity, and you will notice a difference in the attention and focus of a child before and after a yoga session.

My approach to yoga for children is to encourage it as a form of play, by creating stories to help guide the children through the poses and letting them use their imagination in how to accomplish them. By doing so, helps them to retain their flexibility and strength as they grow which they can use throughout their daily lives.

Cost:               £5 per child

Location:        The Old Courthouse Cafe, Old Courthouse Recreation Grounds,  Barnet, EN5 4BD

Please do contact Sunnah if you have any questions or just turn up on the day

****Please note the age is just a suggestion but we are very flexible and happy to welcome all children*****