Thank you for choosing us here at ‘The Rose School of Transformational Yoga’

The Rose School of Transformational Yoga offers a variety of classes for those that are interested in beginning or continuing their journey of Yoga.  We offer various classes in East Finchley, Barnet and all around North London. These include group yoga classes, meditation classes, Pregnancy and Post Natal classes. We also offer one 2 one and private group sessions as well as wonderful retreats and workshops in the UK and abroad.

All classes are Hatha Yoga classes, blending together different traditions from the various and generous teachers that both myself and Sallie have been able to work with over the years. 

We hope that from practicing yoga you will not only tone and mobilise your body but will also create a healthier and clearer mind full of joy and happiness.

Warmest wishes all you sentient and gorgeous beings.


What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master
calls a butterfly  - Richard Bach