Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a wonderful time and yoga is a beautiful way for a pregnant woman to allow herself the opportunity to connect inwards with herself and her baby. Whether you are new to yoga or an accomplished student it is suitable for anyone embarking on this journey.

  • Yoga during pregnancy helps the body to develop flexibility and strength and deal with the many changes taking place both physically and emotionally.
  • The classes guide and help pregnant women to work with their bodies safely, helping to minimise any problems associated with labour and preparing them for childbirth.
  • Introduction to breathing and visualisation techniques to connect with birthing body and the baby.
  • Introduction to breathing exercises and relaxation techniques which are ideal for labour as well as powerful tools to be used at any time throughout the pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.
  • The classes aim to create a beautiful and nurturing atmosphere where women can come to listen and /or share their experiences, anxieties and questions.